Iula Marzulli


-Trainer in “Immagine Sonora”, theatre course; “Avere cura”, theatre and wellness course; “Lettura espressiva” reading course, 2019-2020.

-Artistic direction for the festival “Incontrarsi in Tenuta”, Alauda cultural association.

-Lesson-demonstration about “nature and performance” for LAPE Laboratorio di pratiche entografiche, at Macro Museum, Rome

-Director and performer with Marialuisa Capurso in the durational performance “Into your mouth_tra bocca e voce” (BIG Bari International Gender Film Festival, PhOEMina Festival Naples)

-“La nuotatrice series” photo exhibition at Officine Culturali, Gravina in Puglia; “Exercises series”, b/n photo exhibition within “Ma Che Natura!”, Adelfia (Bari); “Imperatore” and “Imperatrice” photos, within the exhibition “Arcane Visioni”; “Elogio della vita”, photo, in the exhibition “Le Fil Rouge”, Specchia (Lecce).

-Director of the reading “Voices from exile” (Festival Notti di Poesia, Cassano delle Murge 2018); director of the reading “Ana and Artemisia” (in collaboration with several centers for women against violence)

-Director and performer in “Summer_celebration #4”, produced by Factor Hill, during “Create-perform art residency”

-Director and performer in “Winter or about Springs”, music by Gerardo Antonacci, video maker Alessandro Indrio


-Production, with M. Fumai, of the video installation “Past is Present” within the project “So Close So Far”. Exposition in Vienna, Serbia, Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Creation of the project “So Close So Far” with the video maker Marianna Fumai: video memories collections from artists who lived the wars in Ex.Yugoslavian countries. Funded by the international project “Testimony-truth or politics” run by the Cultural Decontamination Centre of Beograd.

-Director and performer in the durational performance “Spring_experiment #3”, solo spectator (Coffi Festival Berlin, Piccolo Festival della parola Noci); director and performer in the sound performance “Autumn_experiment #1”

-Participation in poems anthology “Umide amate t’aria”, Kurumuny edizioni and “Amori Liquidi”, [email protected] Edizioni


-Director and performer in the video poetry “Alimono” with poems by Chiara Catapano, video by Marianna Fumai and sound by Gaetano Fidanza (Festival Instant Video at BOX Videoart Gallery, Exposition at UGallery Foggia, Festival Cinema Invisibile Lecce).

-Co-direction and singer within the female group La Cuspide Malva ¬†in “Ay Amores! I fiori della poesia spagnola e altri fiori” (Festival “La Luna e i calanchi” Aliano).

-Co-funder and president of the cultural association for art Alauda, with Jara Marzulli.

-Participation in poems anthology “Parole Sante”, Kurumuny edizioni.

-Co-funder of the art group La Cuspide Malva (Iula Marzulli, Adriana Polo, Manuela Mastria, Francesca Greco).


-Professional actress and trainer in the company Astragali Teatro in Lecce (projects and cooperation in Jordan, Syria, Greece, Spain, France, Albania, Palestine, Cyprus, Turkey)