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Iula Antonia Marzulli works in Puglia, electing the Mediterranean as a home from which to start various viable paths. The relationship with the natural elements is the basis of her poetic vision and her artistic practice, where the countryside itself is a source of inspiration and creative conflict with the social and human dimension. She is involved in the creation of performances in which the body is an exposed and malleable element, together with organic elements. The performances use multidisciplinary techniques. In recent years she has explored the photographic element as a useful tool for setting up performative choreographies, especially with the remains of vegetation, scraps, organic material. The choreographic research is then stopped in the photographic image. She is passionately dedicated to training in theater and reading. Poetry is the artistic matrix that sustains all of her work.

Iula A Marzulli lavora in Puglia, eleggendo il Mediterraneo come punto di riferimento e crocevia per diversi cammini. La relazione con gli elementi naturali √® alla base della sia visione poetica e artistica. Le sue performance si incentrano sulla esposizione e centralit√† del corpo con l’interazione di strumenti sia organici che digitali. L’insegnamento, nel campo delle arti e nel Qi Gong, √® parte integrande del suo fare artistico.

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