Performance. Bodies and digital sounds.
Composed by and with Iula Antonia Marzulli and Marialuisa Capurso
Voices and sounds by I. A. Marzulli and M. Capurso
Site specific installation with original recorded sound of ’20

Performance realized for the BIG Bari International Gender Film Festival with two bodies in kissing shape, welcoming people (variable duration depending on the type of the hosting place) and recorded sound of 20 minutes closing the installation. The kiss is the chosen way of mutual knowledge and interrelation: it is in the porosity of the borders that the exchange takes place and the differences can be crossed.

Presented in Festival “PhOEMina”, EX Asilo Filangieri, Naples 2019; “Parete blu”, T.U.O. teatri urbani organizzati, Arcoiris, Bari 2019; BIG Bari International Gender Film Festival, Bari, 2018.

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