Bio Iula Antonia Marzulli

Poet Performer. Trainer in theatre and reading practice. Qi Gong master.

-Publication of the poems book “Ogni Cosa Brucia” Nulla Die Editore, August 2023
-Co-director and actress, within the group “La Cuspide Malva”, for the concert-reading “Per Pura Gioia_Canti e ballate d’amore”. Summer Season Municipality of Andrano (Lecce), July 2023
-Performance “Saffo Le Molte” within the art exhibition “Delle Arti e dell’Amore. Saffo, la decima Musa”, Mottola (Taranto). Sound installation and body movement.
-Art director of the performance 7ACTIONS with the students of the Theatre research group Immagine Sonora

-Trainer in the theatre research course Immagine Sonora, Bari
-Trainer within Lettura Espressiva courses, Adelfia (Ba)

-Video Performance “Summer-celebration #4” within the art festival “Ineluttabile Fugacità”, Mottola (Taranto).
-Artistic direction within the activities of Alauda association.

-Artistic direction within the activities of Alauda association. 
-Actrice in the urban performance “Il mio cuore in differita” opening project  “Il peso della farfalla”, “Punti Cospicui”, Bari, 2020.
-Performance “Voices”voice and blindfolded public, in the cave of the hermit within the natural park Pulo di Altamura, “Affrettati Lentamente”, october 2020

-Durational performance “Spring_experiment #3” at the “Claustri Festival”, Altamura, Bari. 
-Presentation of the art work “The swimmer series”, photo exhibition at Officine Culturali, Gravina in Puglia.
-“Exercises series”, b/n photo exhibition within “Ma Che Natura!”, Adelfia (Bari)
-Artistic direction for the festival “Incontrarsi in Tenuta” 2019 and 2020, Alauda association.
-Presentation of the durational performance “Into your mouth-tra bocca e voce” at the Festival “PhOEMina”, at EX Asilo Filangieri in Naples. 
-Demonstration lecture on the connection about nature and theater at the Macro of Rome, for the LAPE Laboratorio di pratiche etnografiche

-Articles writing about poetry and theater for the on-line review “ISHA”.
-Direction and actress for the durational performance “Into your mouth-tra bocca e voce” with the singer Marialuisa Capurso for the BIG Bari International Gender Film Festival di Bari.
-Participation in the art exhibition “Arcane Visioni” with the works “L’imperatore” and “L’imperatrice”, photography, forex b/n, Adelfia (Bari).
-Participation in the art exhibition “Le Fil Rouge”, Specchia (Lecce), with the work “Elogio della vita” , photography, forex 20×45 b/n.
-Direction and actress in the reading “Voci dall’esilio”, Alauda production. Festival “Notti di Poesia, Cassano delle Murge, 2018.
-Direction and actress in the performance “Summer_celebration #4”, win of the residency call Create-Uperform, Factor Hill, Palo del Colle, Bari.
-Direction and actress in the performance “Winter or about Springs” with the  videomaker Alessandro Indrio and the musician Gerardo Antonacci.

-Production of the video installation “Past is Present” for the international project “So Close So Far”. Exhibition in Vienna, Serbia, Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
-Writing and realization of the project “So Close So Far”, with the videomaker Marianna Fumai. The project is about an on-line website as an archive of collected memories on wars in Ex-Yugoslavia. Memories are elaborated by Ex-Yugoslavian artists. “So Close So Far” was sustained by the international project “Testimony – Truth or Politics”, directed by the Centre of Cultural Decontamination of Beograd. 
-Direction of the reading “Ana e Artemisia” for the promotion of female culture within the performing and visual arts, Alauda production. Presented in collaboration with several Centri Antiviolenza, Bari Province. 
-Direction and performer in the durational performance “Spring_experiment #3”, body installation with sound. Loop, for one spectator at the time. Coffi Festival in Berlin, september 2017.
-Direction and actress in the sound performance “Autumn_experiment #1”, sensorial stimulation for blindfolded public.
-Poetry anthology participation “Parole Sante “ùmide ampate t’aria”, Orto dei Tu’rat Kurumuny edition.
-Poetry anthology participation  “Amori Liquidi-Sogni, sentimenti e fragilità delle donne”, Edit@ edition.

-Director and performer in the video poetry work “Alimono”, REC Movie production, video editing by Marianna Fumai, sound by Gaetano Fidanza, poems of Chiara Catapano. Video presented at Milan , at the gallery[.BOX] Videoart project space, twinned with the Festival Instant Video in Marsiglia; at the Padiglione Nuovo Ente Fiera Foggia for the UGallery in Foggia and at the Festival Cinema Invisibile in Lecce. 
-Co-production and singer in the show  “Ay Amores! I fiori della poesia spagnola e altri fiori” with the group “La Cuspide Malva, Festival “La luna e i calanchi”, Aliano, Potenza. 
-Direction of the cultural association “Alauda” and trainer in theatre course “L’immagine Sonora”.
-Participation in the poetry anthology dedicated to the poet Antonio Verri, Orto dei Tu’rat, Kurumuny edition.

Professional actress and trainer within the theater company “Astragali Teatro”. Specialization in theater training (body, voice,realization of workgroup). Among the performances: 
-“Metamorphosis” from Ovid, 2013-2014. Festival delle Culture della Toscana organized by Accademia Mutamenti and presented within the parco faunistico of Arcidosso. 
-“Birds”  and “Becoming Animal” from Aristophanes, 2011-2012.
-“Lysistrata, first study on the obscenity of the power” from  Aristophanes, Teatri Abitati, Apulia Region.
-“Persae” from Aeschylus and Quattro ore a Chatila by Jean Genet. International Theatre Institute of Cyprus – Culture Programme  2007 EU – Fondazione Culturale Europea – Anna Lindh Foundation, Erbil, Iraq.
-“Beckett Suite” from the work of Samule Becket, 2007. Interreg Program III Albania-Italy.
-“War Gift” from “The Trojan Women” by Euripides, 2005. VII International Festival of  Butrinti (Albania) and  XII International Festival of Amman (Jordan).Co-responsible of international cultural projects drafting within the project office of the theater company Astràgali Teatro (Lecce, Italy). Among the developed projects:
-“Front/frontier-dynamics of the inclusion of the other in theater” in 2007, supported by the EU Culture 2000 programme, involving Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, France, Albania;
-“Roads and Desires”, within the framework “Cooperation with Third Countries” supported by the EU, (Italy, Jordan, occupied Palestinian Territory, France, Great Britain and Greece);
-“Walls_Separate Worlds”, within the framework of the “Culture Programme 2007-2013”.
The project  has involved partners from Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Germany.

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